Cropped, 2014

Early November the fields are waiting to be harvested.
Soybeans and corn, both dry on their stalks.

front view

3/4 view

Apple Orchard, 2014

We inherited the apple orchard with 55 assorted fruit trees, mostly various kinds of apples and some pears, peaches and a single sour cherry.  The peaches were hit hard the first winter we lived here and we lost them all.  The sour cherry gave us wonderful 4th of July pies until a few years ago.  We tried to keep it going but we lost the sour cherry too.  The pears haven't been producing, but this year with the new bee hives our apples are WONDERFUL.  Homemade applesauce for Hanukkah!

Pressed Shirt, 2014

I love laundered shirts on men, so fresh and crisp. 


Haptic, 2014

Nora Ephron may think it is the neck that shows our age, but I think it is the hands that don't lie and give it away.  One can always wear a scarf.  Rings don't do the same thing.