A Sweet Life, so far..., 2014

For my 60th birthday, a sweet life for sure...
Still working on it...

oil on support with 4 panels,  48 x 38

 detail (from side) showing 4 smaller panels of various sizes  

Smile, 2014

Smile, it's your birthday.

oil on paper on support with raised panels, 14 x 11

One Little Cloud, 2014

One little cloud makes the sky seem bluer. 

side view showing 2 supports, 12 x 24 and 6 x 9

Amish Night, 2014

Amish Night, I think this might finally be finished.  I have been working on it for several years.  It is quite built up.  At one point it had been a diptych. 

Shaker Rhythms, 2014

Shaker Rhythms, collage, ink and water-base paint, 11 x 14, 2014

Wood Nymphs, 2012-2014

Wood Nymphs, my Daphne and Apollo inspired piece.  I have been working on these for several years.  I think they are finished now, or at least I am finished with them.  They make me feel hopeful for spring.