March, in progress, 2015

About halfway through the month...a madness to the month all its own, snowing on the first day of spring.  March comes in like a lion and roars and roars.  But the Robins have arrived along with a Bald Eagle and Daylight Savings time.  The days are getting longer and warmer.  The grass will be greener.

March 20, 2015 over Jordan Creek

February (2/25), 2015

Crazy cold and snow.  Done, onto March.  Let's hope some color returns.

Wednesdays, 2015 (in progress)

an accumulation of time through color...

paper for back of painting

January 2015

January is over, a fast month.  I thought it was February.  Cold, grey, snow and ice.  But the light is coming back.

January, in progress, 2015

January, unfinished
9 days painting, 22 days into the month.  Crazy month with finalizing PastPresent and beginning spring semester.  "Who knows where the time goes?"