January, in progress, 2015

January, unfinished
9 days painting, 22 days into the month.  Crazy month with finalizing PastPresent and beginning spring semester.  "Who knows where the time goes?"

Girl Stripes, 2015

The sweater I wore to the Girl Band opening, retired.

front of box, and what is inside

Memory box and color study for After da Lodi with Sound Shadows, 2014

A box piece and color study for the upcoming show at the Allentown Art Museum; Past Present: Conversations Across Time. 9 artists will be responding to a chosen painting from the museum's Kress collection. Scott and I are working in collaboration, responding to (in conversation with) Giovanni Agostino da Lodi's Adoration of the Shepherds, 1505. Our installation, After da Lodi with Sound Shadows, will include 5 paintings, video and sound. The show is from February 22 to May 17, 2015.

 lute player

 Mary Madonna


Days of Week, 2014 ongoing

I have been working on a "days of the week".   I only paint on each day/panel on that day, an accumulation of color specific to that day over time.  I am wondering if each day will have its own color.  This is ongoing.

Dear December, 2014

A month of holidays, anniversaries and birthdays.  A month of celebrations in the midst of bare trees and many grey skies.  Solstice lights, hanukkah candles, tree lights brighten the darkness, thankfully.  Gift giving reminds us of the pleasure in sharing a meal, an evening, an adventure.

December shines with its own warmth even as the season turns colder.  Thank you, dear December, for these days of painting.

front of painting

 back of painting

detail of front

Fall Semester: 14 weeks, 2014

Fall Semester: 14 weeks
This fall semester I would work on a small painting each week, only for the week.  The paintings all fit into a box.  Funny, there are 16 paintings...semantics I guess.  Two days off for fall break so that was a partial week, and we didn't have class on Labor Day Monday.  Guess those weeks don't count.

 painting on box

 back of each panel painting, back of box, front of box (left to right)

week 1-8

week 9-16

Ridge, 2014

Winter has come to Huckleberry Ridge. 
The leaves are off the trees and the fields have been raked by the harvester.  I can see the ridge.

3/4 view